• Студия дизайна ТСД, разработка веб-сайта
  • Адаптивная фотогалерея сайта студии ТСД
  • Разработка сайта для студии ТСД (Киев)
  • Разработка фотогалереи для сайта ТСД
  • Создание мобильной версии сайта студии ТСД

TСD Design Studio website development

Client: TСD Design studio. Task: Development of the site for the design studio “Technologies of Contemporary Design” (TСD). Technologies: CMS WordPress, Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop. Website: tsd.kiev.ua Development of a modern site design for a TCD studio, adaptive design, landing page with scrolling to the desired section. The design is minimalistic, video sequences are used.

  • Дизайн для сайта Mynail.ua
  • Website development, MyNail

MyNail company website

Client: MyNail Task: Development of a business site Technologies: CMS WordPress, html5 Website: mynail.ua Development of a functional business site for the nail polish importer. The site turned out to be alive, animated, bright. In addition to developing internal pages, a colorful animated slider was designed, emphasizing the uniqueness of the proposed product. Additional configuration…